What's this profit-sharing plan all about?
Excellent question. That would pique my interest too if I was considering throwing my support behind a person's work.  

Patreon is a unique platform that allows artists, writers, and other creatives to showcase their work while also gaining the financial support they need to make more of it. Obviously, that is why I am here. 

Patronage has done a lot for the world through the centuries, you know. Some of the most beautiful works of art, not to mention many useful innovations, have been the direct result of patrons giving money to enable an artist or inventor to do their thing. The concept is nothing new. 

Before I even launched this project, the idea of profit-sharing was front and center in my mind. I'm a huge believer in sharing the wealth; in fact, I'd love to make millions of dollars through my work and share it with as many people as I can. This endeavor is not about the money for me--at least, not beyond the meeting of my family's immediate needs. Getting the chance to give my gift back to the world is what excites me. So if I earn anything in that effort beyond what we need to pay our bills, I'll consider it a bonus and use it however I can to bless and serve as many people as I can. 

In that spirit, then, allow me to introduce you to my profit-sharing plan. Presently, people can support my work at three levels: Supporter, Partner, and Investor. Supporter is the first level, requiring only $1 in monthly support. Partner is next, ringing in at the $25 mark. The third level, Investor, includes anyone who gives $50 or more to help me do what I do. There are rewards for each tier, but the real exciting stuff happens at the Investor level, where my most generous patrons are included in my profit-sharing plan. 

It's very simple. Any time I make money from a creation that was made possible by my patrons (articles for publication, contest essays and stories, books, ect.), I will share a portion of that money with Investors as a way of saying "thanks" for their help. 


Fifty percent of all profit I make from any writing project goes to my Investors. Assuming they each give an equal $50 per month, the total amount of profit is equally distributed between them. Investors who give more than $50 receive an equivalent higher percentage based upon the amount of their additional patronage. This only seems fair. 

So for example, let's say I win first place in a writing contest that pays $2500. In that case, $1250 would be earmarked as a reward for my Investors. Assuming I had ten investors supporting me at an equal $50 per month, they would each receive $125 as my way of saying thanks.   

The more support I receive, the more time I'll have to create, and the more time I have to create, the more money I will ultimately make. Everything depends on the level of financial success I achieve, of course, but I hope to pay back those who support me many times over. 

I hope that sounds good to you. If you're a current supporter at any level, thank you. If you're not yet but are considering it, feel free to reach out to me with any questions you might have. 

Until next time, somnium vive!