What's This [VIDEO duet with Lizzy Hofe aka Princess Rizu]
Ahhhh how I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! I wanted to create a female duet version of this song for so long and then I got into contact with Lizzy and with it being almost Christmas... we thought this was the perfect choice for our first collab :D
I went crazy with some facial paint I still had haha, hope you guys enjoy the effort!

Soooo sweeties, this will probably be my last video of 2016...
It has really been a wonderful year for me even though I've also had my hard times. I'm so grateful for all of you! Because of you guys my channel has grown rapidly the last few months and I will continue on improving my videos for you and will definitely try to keep uploading frequently.
I love what I do and it's extra motivation to have an audience who I can directly connect with through my work.

Once more I wish you all a very very very merry christmas and a lovely new year. Love you all! Big hug from me X

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