Hello all!

I want to apologize again that updates have been a bit slow of late.  It's been weird having an outside job again, espically since the hours are more random than my previous job. (Long story short, my last job was basically all day every other day of the week so it was always easy to figure out how much time I had left afterward. With this new job both days and hours to work is random and sometimes my boss doesn't give out news for new shifts until a few days prior. I'll probably try to write down what I need to do during every moment I'm not working outside so hopefully I can get a good pace back.)

Anyway, I spent a good hunk of the last few days focusing on finalizing my storenvy so I can actually open it! Hopefully, it should be ready in a few hours, I just need to put what I've made available up and get a good post about it ready. Either way, I have six hours before work so hopefully I can finish it before than. If not, expect it up tomorrow night (Monday night).

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