What's Up?
Who we are. Our Experiences, Our Skills and Stuff

We are ready to bring you an exciting podcast that covers consciousness, aliens, fringe, ancient civilizations, conspiracy theories and much more. 

It's going to be fun and funny. Our hope is to be able to stream our show live at least once a month. So you can see our faces!!

Jessica has a background in journalism and film production and is also an experienced host. 

Kelly has a background in English and Ancient Civilizations. She is a writer and has presented in front of hundreds of people. 

Proof that we both have some experience. Our knowledge and love of information has helped us realize our dream.  Our goal is to put out  video soon so you can get to know us and see what the show is be like. 

Honestly, You may want to watch us because we sound very similar. 

Welcome to the beginning of....Multiverse Maidens: The Podcast! Mutha! 

Also I don't know if you can curse on here.  Anyway, We hope you look forward to our project!!