Whats up in February 2018!
Hey everyone!

I'm super stoked to see the tier 2 goal pass in January, thank you all so much! This means even more livestreams during February, as well as a few other tidbits of stuff. Here is a list of the extra stuff I'll be doing in February compared to January due to the Tier 2 unlock.

You can expect Twitch Livestreams every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! In January I wasn't going live on Fridays, but I will be this month! The games running this month include; RuneScape Clue Scroll Rework, Tales from the Borderlands (winner of the telltale game poll voted by you guys!), Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and a few Cinematic Movie Nights & Crash Bandicoot 3 on PS4!

2 Guaranteed YouTube Videos! My YouTube Channel has been hibernating for a while and I'd like to wake it up this month. I think posting a vlog to catch everyone up on how things are going would be ideal, as I think the previous video was posted in August 2017. I have a rant video in mind for the second video of the month, but I'll keep that a secret for the patrons of this page later this month. ;)

Uploading a Music Video chosen by you! The big milestone this month is definitely the music video! Twitch and Patrons are able to start voting right now on which song they want me to do! If you are a Patron or Twitch Sub, see if you can find the exclusive supporter room on my Discord channel. You will be able to vote there!

Patrons will also notice they have a new title on the Discord server if they have connected their Patreon Account to their Discord Account.

Thanks for reading the public post of the month! I'll be back next weekend to write some about the Music Video and how real life is going in general!

~ Rainy