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For this round of voting I'm only offering four options, including one modified choice and two completely new ones.  Hopefully this will mean I won't have to hold a runoff vote.  Descriptions follow, and you can vote below.

The Longest Journey:  Still a personal favorite of mine.  Requests can include any fantasy/science fiction/speculative work you care to imagine.  Personal picks will be favorites of mine that include some sort of portal/transition-to-an-unknown-world element.

Wolfenstein:  The New Order:  I've decided not to do history lessons and instead open up requests to every World War II-era story out there.  This can include real-life memoirs, fiction books, movies, shows and anything else with the Nazi regime and World War II as a significant part of the setting.  Personal picks will be a few of the seminal classics.

Prey (2017):  This replaces XCOM 2 since it's more in my wheelhouse and won't require me to constantly reload to get a better run.  Requests can include any book/movie/show that features both humans and aliens, and personal picks will include some underappreciated favorites of mine.

The Witcher 3:  Wild Hunt:  Consider carefully before voting for this one, because I'll likely be at it for a year and a half at least.  I'll also have to run things a little differently, creating hour-long videos to get through the game faster and bringing in guests so I won't have to edit as much.  Requests will be the same as Longest Journey since I don't want to stick with fantasy for that long. Personal picks will be the entire Witcher novel and game saga, all of which I've already been through.

The Longest Journey

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Prey (2017)

The Witcher 3

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