What's up with your tags?
To accommodate Patreon's way of doing things I'm using the tag system to differentiate between the different types of posts I make. I want to have a system that makes sense to everyone, and want to explain the system a bit so people can see what's going on.

Below you'll find the different types of tags I intend to use.

  • ooc - This tag is used for pots that are not part of any story. Basically they're where I make announcements or updates that aren't part of my novels. This post is an ooc post, for instance.

The type tags:

  • draft - This means this post is an edited draft. It's available to Editor Patrons only, and contains an attachment that has a PDF of the hand edited draft.
  • preview -  This means this post is a preview draft. It's available to Preview Patrons and above, contains the text preview of the next chapter.
  • chapter -  This means this post is the published chapter. It's available to Reader Patrons and above, and contains the text of this chapter of the story.

The story tags:

  • rayton - Chapters for The Town of Rayton.
  • isv onyx - Chapters for ISV Onyx.

The underscore story tags: 

  • _rayton - Non-chapter content for The Town of Rayton.
  • _isv onyx -  Non-chapter content for ISV Onyx.

Wait, two sets of story tags? What's up with the underscores?

I want Patrons to be able to quickly read through the stories I publish. So that means I don't want people to have to differentiate between the different types of tags when they just want to read the actual story posts. So only the final published versions of the chapters will get the non-underscore versions. Preview, Draft, and other content related to the stories will get the underscore versions. With this setup, if you want to read The Town of Rayton, you can just go to the 'rayton' tag and read all the posts there in order. This way you don't have to worry about duplicates or other junk getting in your way.

Feel free to provide feedback on what works and what doesn't for you. I'm more than happy to change things if it makes it easier for my Patrons!