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So, I haven't done a public post in a while, so I figured I'd do another one at last! ...Actually, have I done any? I'm not sure, to be honest!

First off, my apologies, but I forgot to link Sting & Song when it went live yesterday! If I hadn't come on to put together this blog post, I would've forgotten to link Hell's Ascendant as well. Rest assured, I'm going to prepare the notification for that as soon as I'm done here. In the meantime, you can find the link to Sting & Song on Amazon.com below.

Sting & Song Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WCH9HW9 

This entire weekend is crazy for me, being honest. With Sting & Song and Hell's Ascendant both coming out, plus being the end of the month, I'm a little frazzled, and slightly more forgetful than I'd like to be. I suppose it doesn't help that I've also been working hard all week, either!

So what comes next? Aside from Hell's Ascendant, I've been working hard on Crisis of Faith, which just hit 80,000 words earlier today, and Monday I went ahead and started working on Webs & Wards, the next book of the Beesong Chronicles. Rather than my expected 500 words/day, I've already written 7,500 words, so it's definitely moving along at a good clip! I'm going to share the Prologue at the $5 and up tier next week, and if things continue like they are, I might take the plunge and start sharing a chapter weekly. I will not promise this just yet, because I don't want to risk burnout. As a reminder to anyone who doesn't know, this is the rough draft of the project, not one which has been through editing passes, so it will change.

Now, Crisis of Faith has an editing date in mid-October, and I'm hoping to publish it in late October or early November. As soon as that's done I'm going back to Lilith's Shadow, with the book Queen's Move. This novel will be set a couple of months after the end of Down with the Queen, to give time for Lilith to make sure her pardon is real, as well as to move to Paragon City, where I've intended her to move all along.

With the start of Queen's Move I've got a couple of things to work out. First, I need to decide on what color scheme Lilith is going to go with as a superheroine. She's not taking a superhero name, just going by Lilith, but she's going to be using power armor, which should make things interesting. I'm not asking for suggestions just now, but sometime in the next couple of weeks I'm going to put up a poll with five different color schemes for people to vote on. These won't be visual, sadly, but that's how it goes.

On the other hand, Gina/Warden is also going to be getting a makeover. I discussed things with June Jenssen, and prior to commissioning the cover, we're going to do a re-design of her outfit, like Gina was considering near the end of Down with the Queen. We're going to get between two and four sketches with flat colors, then I'm going to allow all of my patrons to vote on which ones they prefer for her outfit and style going forward. Unfortunately, June is swamped with work, so she can't get to this until October or maybe even early November, so it's probably going to necessitate me going back to adjust some details once a decision is reached. Still, I'm excited to get back to Lilith and company!

Alas, the actual release date of Queen's Move will be somewhat farther in the future, as the closest editing date that I was sure I could have it done in time for is in early February. Still, that means the book should be out that month!

I also have some news on audiobooks. Sarah Goer has been swamped as well. (What's with it with me and the people I work with being swamped? Eh, they're popular, which is good for them!) That's why the audio of Hell's Ascendant won't be out until late December at the earliest, and she's currently packed solid well into 2020. That being the case, I signed a contract with a new narrator. I've decided not to mention who until it's done, because for all I know she might change her mind, but the audio of Sting & Song is scheduled for October, so it should be out close to the same time as Crisis of Faith.

I don't have dates for Crisis of Faith in audio, though, as I don't have the rough draft finished, so that's currently murkier.

Finally, the art for the last art poll has been delayed somewhat. I believe I mentioned the people I work with being swamped, and Hoang Lap was no exception, so the art of Korima was delayed. I've been assured that it's the next project in his pipeline, though, so it shouldn't take too much longer.

Anyway, that's it for updates! I'll freely admit, this was a much longer explanation than I expected, and I didn't tell you everything I could have! That can wait, though.

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