What's with the numbers?
...is a question you might be asking if you come back and look at this page from time to time. You might notice the number of patrons and the total pledge amount looks different. Don't worry though - nobody has stopped supporting me, everything is still peachy, and 1+1 still equals 2. Here's what's going on:

After a couple of surveys, Patreon decided to change the way creators' stats are displayed on their profile pages. It's free to start a campaign on their website, but Patreon takes a super small percentage of each donation to help keep their site running. This is awesome, because it means we can all keep doing what we're doing - but it means the total pledged amount wasn't accurately reflecting the total amount the creator actually receives each month. Now they've changed it so it does! It also takes into account when people's pledges are declined - which happens from time to time.

Since we hit the $200 milestone goal before this change happened, I'm still counting that as complete. Now, onward to $300!


- Pixlriffs