What's the word?
Well September is finally here, and a new month means it's time for a new update for Swallow's Song Games! This month's "Just Press Play" project has become a wonderful game (if I do say so myself). A very special Thanks to my supporter and collaborator Alex Carlson​ for the help and inspiration! Moving forward with the project: The game is finished and ready (barring some formatting edits). As there is no second supporter, I will be starting work on a song-inspired game of my own, maybe keep your eyes open for a poll! In addition to starting a new game I'm going to be looking into methods of hosting my own website and making my games available for sale (a pay what you want scale is most likely). My goal is to have this month's entry, "(YOU+ME)-YOU=ME", available to everyone on the website by November! As mentioned in a previous post, Just Press Play supporters will have access to all JPP projects immediately, supporters who receive digital or physical copies of the games will receive the JPP collection anually when it is compiled. I'm very happy to have finished this game on time and for the awesome opportunity to collaborate with you wonderful people. If you or anyone you know likes music and games and games inspired by music, please spread the word and ask them to consider joining in on the project! The more people we have participating, the richer and more varied the resulting games will be. In the last month, I have also secured regular employment which means the chaos of the last month is now gone and I will be able to dedicate more time to some bigger projects. I'm currently talking with an artist about a collaboration on Impact Winter and am always picking away at the rules to make the next major revision as easy as possible. Once again, and always, thank you so much for your support, I couldn't do this without you.