What's Your Morbidly Adorable Name?
Your Morbidly Adorable Name is... Creepy Cupcake? Ecstatic Corpse? Kawaii Funeral? Tiramisu Robot? Jellybean Crime Scene? Feral Rainbow? When we hit the $100 Monthly Goal, we'll launch the Morbidly Adorable Name Generator and Baptize a Generation of Morbidly Adorables! Update: We are almost halfway there! Woohoo!

Posting Schedule

I'm creating a themed schedule for posting updates. I thought it might be fun, a little like a TV schedule for what's next! 

Morbidly Adorable Mondays: We'll start off the week with a little love from one of my many hundreds of non-Tarot images! Though they aren't Tarot-related, all of my images are building blocks for the tarot!

Tarot Tuesdays: If I don't have a brand new image to debut, I'll use this day to update the Tarot Symbolism of a previously completed image. 

Work in Progress Wednesdays/Wanderlust Wednesdays: I won't always have Works in Progress to share, but when I do, I'll make it a Wednesday! For those of you subscribed to the Spectral Parade, I'll make an additional post containing photographs or a story from my trips.  

Throwback Thursdays: I'm still not sure how I feel about committing to this one! Ha ha! I might just use this as my free day to post about whatever! 

Fandom Fridays: I thought Fridays would be fun to post about things of which I am a fan or projects in which I was involved, etc.

I'll leave the weekends open, but I like the idea of keeping a schedule during the week! I can't promise to update every day, but I definitely would like to start with 3-4 posts a week! Of course, I also like the option of posting additional content as surprises pop up. If you have any suggestions or requests, please share!