When the Body Breaks
When I was at the Banff Centre working on the libretto for the opera, I met a fabulous singer songwriter  Dana Sipos.  As often happens in art residences, strange spontaneous collaborations occur.  Dana and I went to my cabin and we cut up words and phrases that we liked and threw them in the air and then arranged them.  Dana brought out her guitar and we set about writing a song in the vein of Canadian treasure Mary Margaret O'Hara.  Dana then ran with the song, recording this beautiful, haunting, delicate, fragile, vital tune.  She even got Mary Margaret to sing on it.  (Swoon!)  I am so proud of having something to do with this song.  This is the kind of thing that I am always doing.  Art instigator!  This link is to a little preview and to places you can download it.  Enjoy!