When everything started.
This was my very first photo shoot. It was back when I was in college. The photographer was a classmate that was taking photography his name is Federico Hernández, this photo was taken by him and was edited by Julien Benoit.

This was the beginning of everything for me but I couldn't start doing more modeling until 2010. Life gave me a lot of things during that long time, good and bad. And now here I am working hard for what I love and I'm good at.

 I don't make much money from what I do but that has never stopped me. One day my goal of being in a position that I don't need to worry about money will come. Then it will be time for me to help the community and other artists a lot more!. 

Your help is making a huge difference for me. I am more motivated than ever and extremely happy that you like and support my work. 

This isn't all about me, it is about us making a difference at the end, creating more ART, helping others and making dreams come true.

 Happy July! And thank you for everything you do!.