When Freedom isn't Allowed!!!
Episode 911:  Our college and university campi are overrun by non thinking, no life experience, echo chambered child-adults.  And a lot of the professors are no better with their anti freedom rhetoric, that they never back up with actual facts.

 When you go looking for conservatives to protest, even when those conservatives are in a library basement, who is actually being harassed and oppressed?   When you claim to speak for all oppressed people everywhere, which you can't possibly do, are you not being presumptuous?  When you claim that conservative free speech is violence, you show your true agenda, and also your ignorance.

 Freedom, liberty and justice must prevail on today's colleges campi, and more importantly  be defended.  The most important lesson these child-adults need to learn is if you deny others their freedoms, it will not be long before others will deny you your freedoms and for the same arbitrary reason you used to deny others their freedoms. 

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