When Graduate Students Resist
Slurpee: Simulated Universe Theory attempts to explain the awesome coincidences of the universe being so mathematical by stating that human reality derives from a computer game. Artificial Intelligence Theory attempts to warn against computer domination created by humans. Both of the theories are on a collision course. While the debate is important, the outcome is not, for the time being. Instead, the collision course provides a platform/framework for experiments to be conducted. One of those proposed experiments is the simulation of a micro-economy built to sustain 50K people, with a granted nuclear power plant (access capacity to be sold to pay for its own maintenance). The micro-economy simulation will animate the sourcing of food, water, clothing, medicine, shelter and technology in a location with diverse resources and harness the free and abundant electricity. Sustainable waste and carbon footprint absorption to be also solved. Subsequent iterations of the experiment will attempt to replace nuclear with solar and relocate to where resources are less plentiful to test the limits of the design. Administrative government to be Artifical Intelligence, based on the integration of multiple software packages including simulation, business intelligence, animation and engineering.