When the heck am I getting charged?????????
Hey you! So I thought I'd just explain how pledges are gonna work here and when exactly you'll get charged for an upload, and what you'll be charged FOR, since I have a new cartoon coming out tomorrow.

So, first thing's first, if you've pledged to receive a reward, you'll get that reward AFTER your first charge, with a couple of exceptions: the Executive Producer credit and access to the Patreon feed. You'll get those the minute you become a patron! ...I think! If you can't see the Patreon feed please let me know! This particular post is public, so EVERYBODY can see it, but if you've pledged $3 (a little over two British pounds) or more, you should be seeing other posts as well.

Second, assuming you are a paying patron, you will only be charged for animations that I upload to my YouTube channel. No random live action videos or comics or art pieces or anything like that, just the animations. In addition, if I believe the animation is not something I should charge people for, you won't be charged for that either. I'm still very much getting used to the way things work on Patreon, so if I fuck something up and you get charged for something that you don't think you should have, please let me know immediately.

Finally, when I do release a cartoon (which normally happens every 1 - 3 months, I'm trying to shoot for monthly cartoons but YOU KNOW HOW IT IS), sometimes I'll do something special like posting it on Newgrounds or TopBanter.net or tweeting an unlisted link to it before the actual release. If that happens, you will not be charged until the public YouTube release date and time. For example, if I release a video on Newgrounds at 12:30 on a Tuesday, and the full public YouTube release is at 3:30 on a Wednesday, I won't actually claim it until 3:30 that Wednesday. Incidentally, this also gives you the chance to redact your pledge (or offer a pledge!) prior to getting charged having already seen the cartoon.

Alright! Hope that clears some things up! I'll see you guys tomorrow at 3:30pm EDT. If you have any more questions, hit me up on Twitter! (@mrmattimation)


Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per cartoon
Pledge $0.01 or more per cartoon
Patrons Only
$1 or more per cartoon 4 patrons
A sincere thank you, from me to you! You helped me a lot, believe it or not! Your name gets put at the end of every video I make.
$3 or more per cartoon 1 patron
Access to my super secret Patreon feed, which contains WIP screenshots, concept art, storyboards, unfinished art & comics, and more things not seen anywhere else! Also, a free, HD download of the cartoon as soon as it's finished, without all of YouTube's crappy compression.
$5 or more per cartoon 2 patrons
A free doodle (sketch-quality), from me to you, to show my thanks! Also everything from the previous tiers.

Note: I reserve the right to refuse a request for any reason, including legal and moral issues. If I am unable to fulfill a request you can either ask for different drawing or ask for a refund, which I will provide.
$10 or more per cartoon 1 patron
You get an executive producer credit for each cartoon that you help fund! Kickass! Plus everything from the previouis tiers.
$15 or more per cartoon 2 patrons
You get to be IN a cartoon! As, like, a background character or something. Maybe you'll get eaten by zombies! Maybe you'll be going on a hot date! Maybe you'll be mourning a deceased loved one, who was eaten by zombies! The possibilities are endless! In addition, if your bff or significant other or whatever donates this amount as well, let me know and I'll make sure you're pictured together! Plus everything from the previous tiers.
$18 or more per cartoon 0 patrons
I'll upload my .fla files from the cartoon that you funded as soon as I'm done with it, so you get to see how disorganized my library is and how many phallic objects I draw in the work area. Plus everything from the previous tiers.
$20 or more per cartoon 1 patron
You get a PDF download of the full script of any cartoons you fund, which includes lines of dialogue that get cut from the final product, stage directions that are DRASTICALLY different from what you see onscreen, and maybe even a few personal jokes from me? Plus everything from the above tiers.
$30 or more per cartoon 0 patrons
You REALLY should be giving your money to somebody more deserving of it. Like your landlord. But if you INSIST on giving me $30 or more, you will get EVERYTHING listed above, PLUS a personalized "thank you" video featuring me and whoever's around talking about how cool you are. You are so cool.
$50 or more per cartoon 2 of 10 patrons
For your FIFTY SHEKELS, you get my PERSONAL SKYPE INFO, my Discord info, AND acces to the Mattimation Discord server that the crew uses so that you can bug us all day every day with questions. Plus everything from the previous tier, PLUS if you catch me streaming you can demand that I draw WHATEVER YOU WANT (non-pornographic please) and I will draw it ON THAT STREAM.
$100 or more per cartoon 0 of 10 patrons
You are a god. You are THE god. And you're married to Kim Kardashian. On top of everything from the previous tiers, every time you successfully fund a cartoon, you can ask me to animate ANYTHING (keeping it around 15 to 30 seconds) and I'll send it to you as an animated gif or a SWF file so you can do whatever you want with it.
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