When I Get Thin...
This cartoon is unusual for me, both in how personal it is (this is very much a cartoon that I did to criticize a bad tendency in my own thoughts that I want to root out), and in how it's examining a common thought process in ordinary people, rather than aiming its gaze at groups in power. It also lacks both traditional structure and a traditional punchline, so I guess it's just generally weird.

But I like it anyway. The point it makes is heartfelt, at least. And the art seems good to me - I like how many of the panels avoid centering the character (that is, have the character visibly more to one side of the panel than the other, which is a little disturbing-looking compared to a more centered character), and although the symbolism may be embarrassingly obvious, I nonetheless like the big window that the character in the main character is resolutely not looking out of.

The main thing I don't like about the artwork is the big dark cross-hatching at the top of the strip. As a design idea, I think the crosshatching fade is good, but my actual drawing of the cross-hatching looks rushed and sloppy to me, and I wish I had put more care into it. I can't remember what I was thinking when I drew this; maybe I was in a rush?

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