When Insomnia meet Art
Sometimes  I wake up after some very vivid dreams, on the nightmarish side. Last  night it was a using dream. That hasn't happened in a long time and they  can be very disturbing.

So I knew I would toss and turning for a  while if I tried to get right back to sleep, so decided to make a piece  of art. (Click on it to enlarge). I love having no idea when I start  where I'm going to end up.   I love that a bad dream is "redeemed" --  the time lost trying to get back to sleep is instead turned into  something that seems inevitable once made. Almost as if it woke me up  demanding itself into being.

There is simply nothing that cannot be made better by the application of  more creativity.  Especially in these times -- where we must battle to  retain our sanity in the face of so much  of what we are overwhelmed by  on a daily basis.

This is the kind of day I would just go to a museum except I have work  --- which makes me so happy. My other big news is that the the story of  my story a reporter was pitching to a major magazine has been greenlit.   He has to write it, we have interviews ahead, and he is saving reading  the book for last before finishing the article. That he will shape it  with his editor. He thinks it will be in the March issue. And this is  going to reach hundreds of thousands of eyeballs -- some of them quite  high up in the entertainment industry.

It is going to change things for me. At the very least, I should sell a lot of books.

MCO 2017