When Hickenbottom met Fruitloop.
Hey guys.

Here's a quick flashback to issue one of Dwayne Hickenbottom where Dwayne, Nigel and Bones visit Dr. Fruitloop. I had great fun writing this and am quite proud of the Temporal Conducters gag. 

In fact the whole Dwayne Hickenbottom journey has been one that I am proud of. It's not just an adventure for Dwayne but one for me as well. Being the writer, artist and, well everything but printer - it has forced me to learn new things about making comics that I would never have thought of before. "Learn by doing" as someone said once.

As we are running towards the release of issue 4 and the end of the mini series I want to send thanks once again to everyone who has supported me on Patreon and other social media and bought copies of Dwayne Hickenbottom 1-3 from me at conventions or through my etsy store. You are all wonderful and I hope you are enjoying your journeys as much as Dwayne and I.

Well, a lot more than Dwayne.