When propaganda breaks up families
I want your advice. My brother called me last night about family friends-- people who used to be our neighbors and we all grew up together. Everyone has kids of their own now.

The grandfather is adamantly pro-vaccine and isn't certain that his son's children are vaccinated. His first daughter's kids are vaccinated, and his second daughter is pregnant. The grandfather is now dying from cancer and this is expected to be his last Christmas. The grandfather's doctor told him, "If your grandchildren are coming over for Christmas, make sure they've been vaccinated."

The son has now been told to produce vaccine records for his children, or they aren't allowed to see him for this last Christmas. Second daughter, the pregnant one, chimed in that they are not going to be allowed to meet their baby cousin, either. 

I felt sick hearing this news. Even though I know the vaccine issue has broken up marriages and caused siblings not to talk to each other, this is the closest it's ever hit home for me. In my own life, everyone knows I don't vaccinate but they wouldn't be able to debate me on the topic, either. So they just shut up about it. 

But I am not "everyone," and normal people haven't gone to the extremes I've gone to in vaccine research. Normal people aren't ready or willing to defend their position to family. Normal people are being torn apart by this propaganda. 

I'll tell you what I said to them later. I want to know what you would do if you were in the son's shoes. 

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