When She Faces Us
"Once every cycle, Artemis begins to reveal her face to our world. Unlike her brother who brightens the sky with clockwork banality, her serene demeanour wanes to expose a cruel side, before waxing back to her calm and pearlescent self. With her gaze, she brings her rage, and so the hunt begins. Over night, miasma boils, ships are claimed, and colonies are lost. May she have mercy upon the crew tonight."

Took a little longer than expected but I wanted to started doing some excerpts relevant to Pilgrim Adrift's world. I guess I am attempting to wind myself up for the eventual continuation of the story. I made a few of these earlier last year and I am thinking of amassing them in a separate series. Sort of like a companion series of images and text blurbs to flesh out the universe. Thoughts?

Please check out the attachments top see how the image was assembled!