When Shit Goes Wrong
SO. The story I had planned. The story that I fully intended to use for Patreon...is being a dick.

Honestly, I've never encountered so much trouble with a story before. Never. I really don't understand it. It's not even the pressure of creating for Patreon - deadlines help push me (did that the entire time in grad school!). But this story...it's just something else entirely.

So I've decided to do what I don't usually do. I like to stick with one book at a time, muscle my way through if necessary, and get to the end. Revising can always come later. Cutting, rewriting, and all that jazz can happen once the first draft is done. But this time I'm setting it on the side. To the backburner it goes until it decides to stop being a bitch and plays at least a little nicer. And up moves the concept that was to be next in line. Robin Hood.

I know. It sounds like I'm some moron who can't keep a story going. That's what it feels like. It sucks and it pisses me off. But I need to put something out here for whoever may still be lurking. Like I'm supposed to and like I promised, damn it.

So here are the first 18 pages of the Robin Hood concept, but there's definitely more that needs to move from notebook to computer, and more being written any time I get the chance. I'm more comfortable with these characters and what they're doing and how they're supposed to act (I'll be honest, Gavin/Janth was the main pain in the ass. Getting his head straight is just.... *disgruntled growl*). I know precisely how and where this story is going to go so the road is already paved and I just need to go from start to finish. I really wanted to put up more, but haven't had the proper time to sit and type what I've already written, and wanted to post something for God's sake since I haven't for longer than I should have.

Therefore, without further ado, I present to you the Robin Hood concept (wherein the main hero isn't actually Robin Hood. HAH.)