When Veda Flies
As I'd mentioned in the past, things will be changing and growing for the Red Scythe. Hardbarger is building his mini empire, and he'll need more people to do that. In the story "Veda Comes Home" - http://olympusunion.com/drupal/node/54 - we're introduced to Veda Meyers, a 16 year old girl who wants to learn to pilot. Hardbarger is no stranger to taking on young employees if they can get the job done, as Scott West has shown us. When we left Veda, she was heading off to the simulator with Tudor Lom. Perhaps that led to voting results that shouldn't have been unexpected. Our last survey asked who should teach her to fly... and with 2/3 of the vote, Tudor Lom will be taking on the new pupil. Expect a handful of stories following the adventures of Veda Meyers as she gains prowess as a pilot, but also is apprenticed out to Malcolm Forbeck. My intention is to follow a handful of Red Scythe characters in shorts, with 3-4 story arcs for a little while, culminating in the next Red Scythe novella. Since our next two novellas out will be Ticonderoga stories, this will keep Hardbarger's band front and center at the same time. You can also get in on the fun. We're going to add yet another pilot to the roster. It's not that the boys aren't good enough, but with only three full-time pilots, it's tough to build up nearly enough business without exhausting your resources. Go to this link and you'll be able to vote on the name of the newest Red Scythe member: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/MB9L5X9 Spread the word! GB