When the way it is doesn't work for you
The prevailing idea on the planet is to Speak Your Truth in your language so that your Tribe is Attracted to working with you. But what if your Uniqueness is the ability to speak many languages and to hear many truths?

What if your Tribe cannot be weeded out from the Oneness of All That Is? What if the truth you speak Changes with each person, each situation, each point of Awareness?

Then you're screwed. You can't do business unless you can identify who you are and who you help. No wait, that's the pathological answer. The Oneness answer is... The you're an Oracle!

An oracle has no single language, no solitary tribe, and no separate truth to tell. An oracle exists in Surrender to the way of 'what is'. Rather than following one way as a means to an end, an oracle is acutely tuned to the Now.

Without wishes or pre-conceptions of what "should" be, an oracle has no vision of the future by Design. An oracle is open to what is being Revealed in the Now for whatever purpose(s) present themselves.

It's easy to confuse this description as a Rule about what oracles believe, but oracles are not necessarily without wanting. It's just that for an oracle, Desire is not their own - inseparable from their path, interwoven with their purpose, entangled with their Fluid "I Am" presence. And so some things do not make sense to an oracle.

Concepts such as give-and-take, cause-and-effect, obstacle-and-outcome, don't quite fit. As if they cannot fully explain what is, and the slippery-ness keeps us wondering what else it might mean; what other perspective might be sought to better conceive of this experience as Living Wisdom.

Neither Buddhist nor Christina, Muslim, magician, Mayan, Sheik or shaman... an oracle is bearer of the highest and lowest, longest and shortest, widest and thinnest of veils between worlds.

Modest. Ingenius. Delightful.

Compassion. Patience. Inclusion.

Happily ever after. Rewards for Letting Go. The Road to Success.

Self-care → life-work Balance → Healthy

"don't work too hard; take time to Enjoy peace in your life//commit yourself to one pursuit and be that discipline every moment of everyday (otherwise you'll never get there!)"

...all make/create/inform the conversation we have called LIFE! You know, the stuff happening right now. The making dinner and digesting that happens everyday. The waking up and thinking-feeling whatever you actually think-feel (not what you plan to do or wish you were or hope to be tomorrow).

And in the now-ness of what you are, can you see perfection? The perfection and inherent balance of All That Is? I can.

I see it in you and everything you do.

I see it in what you want, in what you wish for, just as clearly as I see it in what you call accomplishment and success. For me there is no separation. It's all Synchronicity : )

Not in the hope of what will come as we evolve into better beings, but actually in this now-ness of who we are and how we show up and whatever else is going on in your story. 

Sigh. That's all : )


Scribed Friday 1 July 2016

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