When We Win (with on-screen lyrics)
Ever since this song, When We Win, was created I've tried to figure out how I could do a video for it. The lyrics are quite long so taking 4 minutes to create music and then taking 6 minutes to perform the lyrics would lead to a video that would have been just way too long.

But then a few weeks ago the rapper Jack Moves and I did a collaboration video for Live Loopers where we each made a beat for each other and edited the video so that we were performing while we were building the beat for each other. That's when the idea occured to me that even though it wouldn't be "Live" looping, editing two of me together would make it so that I could create a video for this song that I've really wanted to do without it being too, too long.

Please let me know what you think of it in the comments below. And if it resonates with you please share it with a friend or few.

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