When you can't have it all (P07 Process)
Laurie and Gale eventually find a way out of the Norman mansion. It looks like there are some secrets in the garden that even Gale doesn't know about...

P07 presented some interesting challenges for the Gale team. It's been a relatively smooth process for CH 2 going from script to art to lettering with only a few changes here and there. However with this page, it was a constant puzzle of 'how to' and 'is this clear?'

Seth wrote the escape scene to give it a sense of urgency (and humor):

Laurie has a half smile about her face. Gale holds his finger to his lips with one hand and motions for her to come down with the other. There is radio chatter and sirens coming from all around.
What a gentleman. . .

This scene could have easily worked for a film where you can include background noise to indicate the fire department and cops approaching. Will it work for this particular comic page?

Well it's one of those situations where the final decision will come after the art is complete. Jordan did a great job at representing the radio chatter. Unfortunately this will be omitted to clarify panel 3. What's not obvious from the sketch are Angela's plans to light the top three scenes in a way that would suggest sirens. Will it work? We'll find out next week...

...which brings us to our next point.

P07 reminded us that it takes time to make good art. We're proud that we've been able to deliver an episode a week on Webtoon over the last two months. However, over the weekend, Seth and Angela decided it was best to reduce the Webtoon updates to once or twice a month for March and April. This will allow Angela to focus on  What the Water Gave Me, our comic entry for Comic Love

So instead of rushing out P07 and not feeling good about it, we're delaying it to next week. Sometimes you have to make some tough calls due to time restraints and we hope that Gale readers will understand. When you're striving to make every panel a painting, the right decision is to give each story the time they deserve. 

Bonus: Gale's first fan art? 

Angela decided to redesign the Norman garden house to fit into the Gothic style of the mansion.  We were pleasantly surprised when we saw this watercolor version of the sketch that we had posted! 

We think the painting is absolutely wonderful and hope that @er.manga_sensei doesn't mind us sharing it here. Her effort reminds us of why we #makecomics: to inspire others to be creative :*)

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