When You Feel So Mad and Other Scripts
My kid scripts. A lot. Scripting is a form of delayed echolalia, which is repeating things heard. Most of M's speech is scripting from TV shows.

When she is feeling playful it's making an angry face and getting nose to nose with you and going "This is NOT what we discussed!" That's from Horton Hears a Who, and it's the purple kangaroo who says it.

When she's wanting something it's "I can have a turn and you can have it back!" That's from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, which is a spin-off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood and a super awesome show that she learns a lot from.

She's also started scripting entire movies which is... Surprising and awesome at the same time. She wants you to get in on her scripts, too, so it's useful that we watch the movies and shows with her so that we know what goes on in the scripts. It's her way of learning conversational patterns.

One of the scripts we've been working with her a lot lately is also from Daniel Tiger. It's about feeling mad and how to calm down so you can talk about it. She tells me "I WANT to go play outside, meow meow! I am SO. MAD." So I say "What do we do when we feel mad? When you feel so mad that you wanna rawr, take a deep breath...and count to four. 1, 2, 3, 4. How do you feel?" From there she'll either tell me she feels calm and tell me exactly why she was mad, or she'll launch into the rest of the script which is about wanting to play with the triangle but someone picked it first, and that made her mad... Followed by building a house and it knocked down.

Scripts can be super useful tools for speech development as well. Sometimes M will have us participate in her scripts and have it go back and forth like a conversation. This teaches her how conversations work and because of it she's been able to formulate unscripted conversations with us, and asks us questions and waits for answers.

We sometimes correct her word usage either in how she uses the word or how she says the word. She substitutes made up words when she doesn't remember the word, and we're starting to be able to figure out what the substituted word is in the script so we can tell her what that word is supposed to be, and then she re-says the script with the right word.

The most amazing thing, I think, that she does is taking a certain script and applying it to whatever she wants to apply it to. There's a Tinkerbell show - Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy - that she scripts from often. Zerina says "but if there's blue Pixie dust, why can't there be other colors? What if there's... I dunno, purple? What if there's PINK!?" and it goes on from there. She applied it to McDonalds one time and that was really cute. "But if there's blue McDonalds, why can't there be other colors? What if there's, I dunno, purple? What if there's PINK!?" And at one point says "I'm serious. McDonalds keepers are forbidden from tampering with McDonalds."

This is one of those autism-related things that I absolutely would never change for the world.
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