When You Gaze Into The Bern, The Bern Gazes Back


I write this from a hotel room in Seattle, sleep deprived and happy. 

Last month I wrote about my Bernie Stardust drawing's adventures with The Art of a Political Revolution exhibition. This extraordinary show has continued its travels and grew until it ended up in New York, where it opened on Saturday to a crowd and some surprise guests: Bernie Sanders, fresh from his trip to the Vatican, his wife Jane, and a few other family members. A fellow exhibiting artist managed to regord video at the exact moment of Bernie and his granddaughters looking at my drawing: watch  here.

And if that weren't fabulous enough, there's a nice mention of my Bernie Stardust piece

over at Hyperallergic today: "Zoetica Ebb has created an image of Bernie Sanders amidst the stars. She explained in a written statement that “Bernie restored my faith in the existence of politicians who work for the good of someone other than themselves. With him, we can sort out our society, so that we can finally achieve humanity’s destiny — to ascend to the stars.” It’s unclear whether the artist was aware of the astronomical metaphors that underpin the etymology and metaphor of revolution. Either way, this image taps into the aspiration that Sanders will usher in a cyclical change that is destined to lift this country up." ✨

Had to share this bit of loveliness with you. 

Over and out ♥︎