When You Love the Characters but Hate the Plot, Word Limits, And More! - Writing Advice Blitz
Writing Advice Blitz: coming to you as fast as lightning! Today we talk about writing with a word limit, what to do when you love the characters but hate the plot, and a couple writing problems that are actually writer problems (and that’s a good thing!). Today’s writing questions are: - I think I’m losing my connection to my characters. What do *you* recommend? - What do *you* do when you realize you love your characters but hate the plot? - I’m afraid that this story is getting too big for me. What do *you* recommend? - My father says I should write with an audience in mind. What do *you* think? - Do *you* have any tips on writing a specific word limit? (E. G. 1000 Words) - I want to have pictures of my characters, but I can’t art. Do *you* have any recommendations?