Where Are Our Missing Black Girls?
 In recent weeks social media reported that 14 BLACK AND LATINO TEENAGE GIRLS went MISSING in 24 HOURS in the WASHINGTON DC area and the DC POLICE attempted to debunk the social media report.  Some suspect a cover up and fear there is an uptick in young teen girls being pushed into SEX TRAFFICKING.  Our special guest are ATTORNEY TALIB KARIM of TEC LAW FIRM in DC Area, and SONIA PARKER, CEO of PARENTS AGAINST PREDATORS.  What is really happening in DC and more so what can we as a BLACK COMMUNITY do about it?  Is SEX TRAFFICKING of young BLACK TEENAGERS boys and girls is becoming a bigger problem, not just in DC, but around the country?  MENTAL DIALOGUE asking the question America's afraid to ask.  "ALL I ASK IS THAT YOU THINK"