Where do you draw the line? About sexual harassment
"But where do you draw the line??"

is a question I have seen asked a dozen times in the last week. They are referring to sexual harassment and assault. Because finally the perpetrators of these crimes are being called out, punished and dealt with.

This should really be obvious, but here it is: the line is drawn at consent. If the person you are attempting sexual contact with does not consent, you are wrong. Period. End of discussion.

Except that isn't the end. Because people continue to argue in favor of and justify these crimes. To make excuses for this behavior. It sickens me to see people I previously trusted saying things like this, and making this post necessary. 

If you think asking your co-worker to watch you masturbate is the same as coming on to someone at a bar and shouldn't bring disciplinary action onto the perpetrator of that kind of harassment, you are wrong. Normalizing sexual harassment in the work place is part of what makes rape culture as bad as it is. laiming that this behavior isn't as 'serious' as other crimes and should be ignored, is what emboldens the actions of every single person who has harassed an innocent victim out of their job. If it's okay for my boss to ask me for sex, how am I supposed to feel safe? No one should ever be put in that position. 

People have the right to avoid working with those who have no respect for other people and have victimized their co-workers and subordinates in the past. I certainly will not support anyone like that and if you share the view that sexual harassment can be permitted in any way, or if the consequences to the perpetrators are 'unfair', I won't support you either. You reap what you sow. They deserve every bit of the belated justice coming their way. I won't miss the projects they would have worked on. I'm only sad for the loss of the work their victims would have created, if only their cries for help had been heeded sooner.