Where do you get your ideas, Alex?
After my last book, this was the most common question. The answer is, I don't come up with any really, material is all just taken from things around me. The trick is to cherrypick the interesting things around, know when something you've heard could lead to an interesting plot point.

The photo above is of a paper that anyone who has walked down Swanston Street in Melbourne would be familiar with. I won't get bogged down in the human rights issue here, that's not what this book or campaign is about (if this is an issue you'd like to get involved in though, go to organharvestinginvestigation.net). What my book is about though is a satirical look at how we consume things in the current climate of capitalism, whether you're for or against it.

I have a dramatic problem in my book. A skull is found, but it doesn't belong to who everyone thinks it does. So where do the characters that have planted it find a skull in this day and age in Australia? 

While running this campaign, I decided to get a quote to get my first chapter printed to hand out a promotional material. To get it done in Australia I got quotes of well over $1000. I couldn't afford this, especially as I currently have only a few patrons for this campaign  (hint, hint). So, what would capitalism do? Outsource to China of course. I found an app that helps me get in contact with companies in China, and I found a company that could do it for a fraction of the cost (and on ethically sourced paper). I haven't confirmed the order yet. There's a block in my moral code that says I should do things locally, but then again I woun't be able to do it at all for the price the Australian printers are asking. Am I better off with a printed booklet to hand out, or with nothing? The creative inside me says better to create something than not to. Should I outsource to China?

It's an interesting moral question, and moral questions like these are what drive plots. Will he or won't he? Did she or didn't she? The main trick in writing is to get the reader in a space where they want to know what happens next, that's how you keep them reading. Also, using my own experiences and working thone thoughts and feelings into a similar situation that my characters find themselves in makes for a smooth and satisfying writing process.

So, where do you get a skull from and this day and age? What would capitalism do..?