Where the fark have we been? Well-

Hello fellow survivors, J.J. here to tell you all what's been going on. 

As you may know, we went on hiatus back in May of this year, 2019. The plan was to take some time off to figure out how we wanted to finish Season 2. I had some ideas but they weren't as solid as I wanted them yet. So take a month or two to get some episodes done then come back. 

It has been over 6 months and counting. Oof. 

I, J.J., am gonna get a little personal and if you don't want to read that, go ahead and skip this paragraph. It's okay, I won't be mad.  I have no way of tracking who does and doesn't read this paragraph, I promise. Alright, you still here? Okay. So back in May, right when we when we started the hiatus, I had one of the worst weeks of my life. Basically, in one week, I had multiple break ups, from platonic to romantic, and a major health scare. May didn't get any better from there with more and more random unpleasantness stacking up while dealing with a known abuser attempting to make a comeback in one of my communities. I spent the summer trying to recover from all that plus preparing to move for the 5th time in four years and quit my office job. It's taken a while to recover and settle from all the major life changes. 

For those who don't know, the podcast is largely a one person operation. I write, edit and voice every episode, run the social media and keep up with this Patreon. Rory edits the episodes, I have people who help me make the writing not suck and there's guest actors when schedules align. I am grateful for the help I get, however, if I'm down for the count, so is the podcast.

That said, I'm finally, finally getting my mojo back. I've actually managed to finish writing and record scripts! When before I'd stare at the screen and feel in a hopeless fog with nowhere to go. I've finally found direction again and it's doing what I can to get Jo, Jee-Hyun, Scout, Elliot and Zoey to Chicago. 

Thank you for your continued support while I've struggled and managed to survive this tough year. J.J. out. 

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