Where Hath The Summer Gone?
Hello all!

Now that we're into the last month of summer, things are starting to cool down a bit: time for an update post.

Fairy Captivity ended a few weeks ago. Once Wonder is back from vacation, I'll have him process the raws, then I'll translate the last set of chapters. Strange to think it's been nearly a year and a half since I started on it...

Yaoguai Mingdan will be coming out this week; I actually have to edit today's chapter after this post. Yue Er said he had some difficulty with the Buddhist references, which is why the translations took some time to do.

Innocent Noise needs a redrawer. schuyguy already translated more than half of the volume, and I have the typeset layers for the next chapter ready. If you're interested, let me know!

Ouji-sama Nante Iranai will be released per SquigglesJP's schedule. Will post advance chapters for $5+ Patrons accordingly. Maybe a random chapter or two of some thing this month, too...

The Cat & The Dog is the series I alluded to working on in my May Days post. You can now read it on the Buka Comics app, updates are on Thursdays. (I do the translation scripts and none of the typesetting.)

...Other Series? Since Fairy Captivity is wrapping up, I'll be picking up another series. Maybe one from this old credit page?

As far as plans go, my summer job finished last month. I'll be going on a family trip in a few weeks, and doing some coding in the meantime.

Until next chapter,

~ Caek