Where have I been?
No new stories! No new chronicles! (one random animation but other then that) Nothing for almost two weeks! Soooooooo where have I been?

Well I have been out taking a well different take on this whole indie dev thing, some medical and financial reason popped up so I had to set about looking for some emergency work. I have shaken more then a few trees and have some nibbles at the logs on the fire or any other weird metaphor you can think of. 

I dont really have an excuse for not releasing content other then I was working on other stuff. I do want to release black screen sim this week as well as start up a new daily show but life is a bit of chaos right now so I dont want to promise and not deliver.

Please do keep a watch on the skies as you folks will be the first to know when things are moving or changing.

Thanks for all the support, hope you have a great day