Where I get my Merchandise Printed?
Here's a question people ask me often. Where do I print my merch? Well, there's only one place I like, and this is not a paid commercial, it's Awesome Merchandise.

Here are my reasons:

1) They have free shipping to all of EU. Finland is EU! WOW!

2) Their website has free templates for EVERY product. This is good for people like me who aren't so good with print formatting, just good with the... art.

3) They require no phone calls. It's all very automated. You just order your stuff, upload your files on their site, and if there's something wrong, they email you. Perfect if you have anxiety!!

They are also very fairly priced! But that's not even my main point at all. It's those three. And they print a ton of different things! So that's great too!

Okay, now to my personal experience with them.

Let's start with badges.

The picture on the top has my newest badge design. Badges are my best seller! I always order about 200 of them and I still sell them out in one convention! It's wild!

The badges are good quality. I order these ones: LINK They are durable and the colors look nice and bright. I am super happy with the badges here! They're also pretty cheap to print!

Here's some of my most popular designs:

Then stickers.

I have printed both vinyl stickers and paper stickers. And I have to say, the print quality in vinyl stickers is a bit "grainy" so I don't order those from Awesome Merchandise anymore. I order vinyl stickers from Stickermule now. But the paper stickers! They're awesome! I actually use Awesome Merch round paper stickers, these ones: LINK, as business cards! People love them! Print quality is great and the price is smaller than in regular business cards!

Picture of vinyl stickers, YOLOs are printed in Stickermule, the weird mouses in Awesome Merch:

Okay, postcards.

I LOVE Awesome Merchandise postcards! You get CUSTOM colored back side for EACH different design for FREE! NO other place I know does that! Holy shit I love them for this! Look at my cards! I love them!

(Sorry for the blurry photo.)

Also I have just made a new design I'm gonna print for fall cons:

Postcards are these ones: LINK 

And then comic books

I haven't done my own PDF when ordering comic books from Awesome Merchandise but let me just say, they are cheap! I would never be able to sell my Short Gay Stories book, that's in FULL COLOR, for 6€ if I didn't print it in Awesome Merch! They print it cheap enough that I can actually just... make the book cheaper. And that's good for my readers! I always want to make my comics easy to access so getting them printed cheap means I can sell them cheap!

Here's pictures of comics printed there!

And here's the LINK.

I have also tried printing temporary tattoos and they turned out great, but they didn't sell well... So I'm not printing them anymore...

I made this post free because I want to let people know where to print their stuff. So even people who aren't my patrons can read this! Stuff like this is normally available to $3 tier where I talk about my life and my work! So if you want to learn more about stuff like this, become a Patron in $3 level! I'm going to be writing about How I get myself invited to cons (yes, I do it myself...) and thus get funding! That's some valuable info! I'll try to write that asap!