Hey, everyone! I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be leaving on the 24th for two weeks, and I'll be without internet for the majority of the time, unless Monsanto has given wifi crops to the farmers in Idaho. I'm working hard to make sure you all get the next Down the Rabbit Hole before I leave. I just finished recording the voiceover for it, and now all that's left is the video editing, so I'm comfortably ahead of schedule.

I'm also working to finish the script for the next Grimm Archives (as though that hasn't taken forever) so I can record audio and send it off to Ben so he can work on animation while I'm gone. Ideally, I'll have plenty to work with when I get back so I can quickly have content for you guys upon my return, but it's possible that there could be about a month between the next two videos if he's too busy.

HOWEVER, I enjoy having multiple contingency plans, so here's what's gonna go down: when I get back, I'm going to do a livestream to celebrate my safe return from a long ride in an orange Volkswagen deathtrap, and it'll be a special one:

I'll be going back to my roots with a Digital Homicide game marathon.

It obviously isn't a replacement for regular content, but I'd like to have SOMETHING for everyone, especially my Patreon backers who have been exceedingly generous and patient towards me as I improve my craft. With luck, I'll return from the trip energized and ready to make some sweet, weird-ass videos for all of you.