Where I'm At
So, I tried the Patreon thing and just found it isn't actually the best platform for me or something I can sustain. I'm grateful to my patrons (so much!!!) but this doesn't really work for me. 

During the school year I am swamped with schoolwork and other obligations. I can't manage the commitment to post content here. Especially not for so little, when if I had the time to write 750 coherent words that wasn't for school, I would want to sell it somewhere that pays a good bit more. 

Never fear, if you want to support me, there are ample other ways to do so:

- My shop is updated with all of my available art, large and small. That means paintings, mixed media, collage, and fiber arts pieces, as well as handmade greeting cards, knit & crochet winter wear, small crochet purses, unique fiber necklaces, and more. http://mkt.com/shakur-arts 

- I still share some free writing over on Medium as I'm able, and your reads, likes, and shares are greatly appreciated. https://medium.com/@aaminahshakur 

- I constantly update my publications list on my website at http://aaminahshakur.com and you can see that updated list of places to read my writing anytime. https://aaminahshakur.com/publicationswritings/ 

- And if you just feel like dropping a donation to help me survive, especially if you enjoy reading me elsewhere and/or benefit from my social media commentary, my Paypal is http://paypal.me/shakurarts

Thank you for your support!