Where is the Flowtricks App?
 I'm really happy with how things are moving on the website. Slowly but surely, we're getting more people in. I've been constantly revising things to try to make it look and work better.  One major thorn in my side was the Flowtricks App.

While I paid for it (for a year), I've encountered nothing but a mess from the company, App Machine.  It all stems back from Apple preventing app builders in their store in September.  The company I bought it from no longer publishes apps anymore - they are now moving to progressive web apps (which is essentially a website that works in your mobile phone.  Which is something we already have).  I put in almost 40 hours of work on my app only to hear that they are no longer submitting to Apple.  I'm trying to get my money back from them, but it's an uphill battle.  It's been really frustrating!

But on another note, you win some and you lose some.  I'm going to keep moving forward with the things that are working because this website is slowly starting to pick up speed.  Many thanks to all of you that are using it now.  It will only get better.  As for the app...ug...it might be awhile longer now that the company flaked out on me.