Where is my Sticker?
Hey team, 

A few of you are due to receive free stickers from us, you may be wondering where yours is?!  :)

We are currently out of stickers and I have been working with a designer to create a new logo and sticker for Kombi Life, but to be honest, it hasn't worked out as yet.

If any of you know someone who can draw, please tell them that we are looking to sketch up a logo.  

As soon as I have something that I feel that we can plaster all over the internet, I will get some stickers printed and pop them into the mail to our Patreons  Both those of you who have yet to receive a sticker and those of you who have been supporting us for a while will be receiving complimentary stickers.

I wish I could draw but I can't, thanks for your patience and understanding.



PS - our latest episode goes live today, I hope you had a chance to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2A0atd0XtY

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