Where is the weekly Uncensored update?
Sorry guy's I have only been able to record one adult game vid since my headset is now dead (rip marvel turtle beach you were thorsome). Right now im holding some anime streams to raise the money for a new headset or even a professional mic set up (desk mic and all that jazz). I just wanted to keep you guys informed in what's going on. If anyone wants to help out anymore then you absolutely amazing patrons already do then thank you if not you guys spreading the word about the streams, showing up, or just spreading the word about the Patreon is more then enough.

Thank you to everyone who understands and I am so sorry. Trust me this is driving me up the wall since I was in the middle of recording awesome games for you guys.

PS. Also for those part of the Facebook group that notice theres no updates. Someone got offended by my actual Facebook sn because it had the word Sin in it so im currently fighting with facebook to get back in. Will keep everyone posted no worries.

Love you all. 

Purity Sin.