Where Is Your God
Your guys get to view this before others!
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Early Access: All art will be posted here before being distributed to the corners of the internet. No need to follow multiple pages. I will put EVERYTHING here first. You get at least 24 hour advanced viewings!

Sketches and WIP’s: You will get to see sketches and works in progress that normally never get seen. 

Exclusive Paintings: I will be posting at least once a mouth an exclusive painting for you guys only! It will not be posted anywhere else along with its respected speed painting and even a slower/longer version to see how I work out the details! 

First in line for commissions: When commissions are open you will get to be first in line!

Videos, Step by steps, Downlaods and PSD's: Get 3-4 high rez full size jpegs of the paintings in that month, also gain access to step by steps stills and the layered PSD files.  

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