Where I've Been
Hey. Umm... yeah. I've been missing for a while. It's because of my move to a new house with my fiance. It's been a messy ordeal having to do with the old owner's children. It seemed they didn't want to move, had trouble with my fiance's requests, and then the inspectors told them to do things to make the house compliant with standards. They didn't go through the right channels to make sure we had the correct land taxes, took some of the plants around the house, took a tree down in order to fix some more issues... lots things like that. It took over a month to get settled.

After the move, I set up my computer again, and worked on a particular story thread for Runearth while I had no access to the internet (or phone signal... or washer and dryer...). That was sort of fun? I finally realized just how many books we both had. He's planning on setting up a bookshelf, and inheriting some furniture from his relatives. The living room is quite bare without them.

Other than all that, I unpacked, and arranged as best I could. I'm four miles away from anywhere, and twelve miles away from the biggest city in the area. I might be okay with this if I could drive. Medical issues are still as persistent as ever.

I'm not sure if anyone needs this much of an update, but I wanted to explain. I wanted to let you all know that I'm still here, but really busy with other things which are not entirely related to writing or drawing. Real life issues. 

Maybe I'll post some sketches or writing samples. We'll see.