Where I've been and where I'm going
Hey you guys!

So, the latest and greatest is this - I've been working on the "meat" of the story and have found it impossible to continue to post it a chapter at a time. The writing is going well and I am immersed in the subject and wanting to do it justice, so I'll wrap it up soon and bring it to a close.

Finally, right? 

This has not been as easy as I had hoped, which leads me to the link I posted. This movie is being released on February 10th to limited locations. I think the closest one to me is Los Angeles. I hope to catch it if and when it hits Netflix.

I have been immersed in the subject of human trafficking and the explotation of people, especially women and children. It is the actual reason for the whole book and the more I research and find out, the more passionate I get in telling this story.

In the meantime, I've been writing short stories and will be posting them here. Y'all have been amazing and wonderful in hanging in there with me.

Last year took an unexpected turn and I found myself working several jobs just to pay the bills. My hard work - and stubborness - paid off and things are stable. I am financially better and hopeful, but JESUS I was happy to see 2016 end!

So tell me how you've been. I've pretty much sworn off social media because it's just too eff'n insane and whiny for me. I've better things to do than read some asshat's rant and drama.

But you can always message me here and some of you know me in real life, so that's cool.