Where My Channel Is At Currently
I just wanted to give you all an update as I'm really sorry for the stagnation of my channel right now. For those who don't know my dissertation was due on the 4th of April and thankfully I got it done on time, that's over but it was taking up a lot of my time during March. I intended to get back to work and make up for my slower production rate at the time once that was out of the way.

However during the final Week of March, the week just before it was due my desktop died, joining my laptop which had died just before the holidays. The graphics card seems to have fried itself and whilst I do have the money to get a new one, this comes at a really bad time as I'm getting ready to move to India within the next few months.This means if I was to buy a new computer to work from I would have to then transport it over which considering it's a new desktop would be an expensive service all around with insurance and handling costs because I couldn't bring myself to just bulk it and I don't want to repair the desktop as it's nearly eight years old and the costs would severely outweigh the gains, I have to make every bit count with my move.

The only piece of equipment I have to work from is my netbook, which is actually an android tablet with keyboard and my parents laptop which lacks the system requirements for editing. What I do have at my disposal is Udita's laptop which when we were purchasing we made sure was able to render videos for the transition period to India. Therefore what I have been doing is teaching her how to edit via Skype and screenshare using my netbook but progress has been slow with time issues and social obligations on her end, but we haven't stopped working.

Now Udita will be coming over to the UK sometime this month (We've been apart for a year and two months) meaning that when she gets here things will be a lot easier and I'll try to catch up to where we should be with the channel. Now it's not fair for those who donated at the start of April if they don't get their credits in at least four videos, therefore the next four videos once we're producing will be from this month even if it runs a little in to May where I'll produce extra content for that month to level things out, if not certainly in June as I finish my final year of university on the 23rd of May meaning I can give my channel any time not spent with Udita.

Thank you for your support in keeping with us during this difficult time, we have a lot of great things planned for when me and Udita are settled in India which will result in improved quality and rate of content. Before my desktop died I did a load of rebranding with my videos, stuff I managed to salvage from my desktop's hard drive, I should have a dedicated studio to record from meaning video (1080p) will be back and I've already been searching for acoustic foam where we're looking to move to get better sound! The money you have donated is going towards this and much more.