Where "Oh, It's the End of the World" went wrong.
For the past few months I've been working every day on the first draft of the script to my next comic. This sounds like a straightforward part of the process, but it's actually very new to me. I've been finding it incredibly difficult. 

Previously, the way I wrote comics was I would work out the basic beats of the story and then wait to flesh out the details of each scene (the dialogue, blocking, even things like the setting) until right before I drew it. 

I did it that way because drawing the pages of a comic can be a long tedious  task, and figuring out the dialogue, blocking, and rhythm of the scene can be really fun. Mixing the two together makes it all go down easier. 

That process came back to bite me with Oh, It’s the End of the World and is what caused it to spiral out of control.

After about the 15-20 page mark I was constantly wishing I had more clearly set up something in a scene I had already drawn. I’d try to fix the problem by making scenes play double, triple, or quadruple duty. I’d try to have a scene fulfill it's original purpose (such as making you feel bad for a certain character, or establishing a certain point) while simultaneously trying to set up ideas that should have been made clear earlier. This would invariably cause the original intentions of the scene to suffer, which would require me to try and re-inforce it in the next scene, and so on. 

Perhaps, when I look back over Oh, It's the End of the World in a few months I'll be able to honestly see what's there, as opposed to what I was trying to make it, and come up with a satisfying way to bring it all to a close. Regardless, I learned an important lesson for my current comic. 

If I'm building a building, the blueprint needs to be finished before I start construction. Otherwise I'll leave out the bathrooms. 


I finished the first, complete, beginning to end draft of the script for my next comic. I'm sending it off to a couple trusted friends to see where it's problems are. I'm sure we'll discover plenty, but ... progress! 

Hooray for learning and progress!

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