Where things are at right now....
Hello dear readers <3 Just a quick updatey note.

I finished the pencil work for page 75 today! So that will be posted tomorrow, for patrons at the $5+ level (I have really gotta name those.....). It's a busy one, even busier than the last, but coming together gorgeously if I do say so myself. 

I have the $10+ bonus sketch planned out as well, and will likely get that up next week (after a separate deadline passes Sunday). That will include another look at a certain Gnomish Goddess. 

And speaking of Gnomish things, it will be coming up in the comic soon why Gnomes (at least those in Tock's circumstances) don't often wear those traditional, pointy hats. There's a reason for that, so I think I will be doing a bonus post for all patrons that explains that a bit. Not really spoilery, since it isn't plot-relevant, but definitely interesting considering what's next.

Hope you're all looking forward to it, and thanks always for your support!