Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd keep everyone up to date with the server and where we're hoping to take it moving forward.

The Island and Center maps are working well together and the cross server transfer settings seem to be working perfectly - aside from the basic ark glitches.   

We switched to a more flexible beacon mod which - while out of date at the moment - gives us more control over the drops.  At the same time we also noticed that we had forgotten to enable flying in caves during the migration to the dedicated server which turned into a server vote to leave this disabled and use the new beacon mod to increase the quality of the drops within the caves.  This has proven to be a great decision and we've been enjoying seeing many tribes do organised cave runs together, having fun experiencing the end game content as it should be - whether successful or not.

This week we also enabled ORP2 which should help people feel more secure and encourage online PvP.  The settings are not final at the moment and open to negotiation but for now we have enabled one ORP2 pillar per tribe with a radius slightly smaller than the default.  This has been done to discourage the building of multiple bases per tribe which can have an effect on server performance.  This mod has also brought up the discussion of whether we should leave tribe logs on for naming who has destroyed tribe structures.  So far the vote has been very equal for and against so for now it will stay enabled as we wont change this without a high majority vote.

So where to now?  First of all we'll be focussing on trying to attract new players to the servers.  We have been advertising the server on several forums and will continue to do so.  If you see one of our posts feel free to create discussion or share experiences.  Second, we'll be considering the long term financial costs of the server and how this will effect the possible changes we'd like to implement in the future.  At the moment while many people have pledged significant funds through both Streamline public pay and Patreon, the server relies on this to continue at a certain amount to maintain the current servers.  If the donations stay stable moving into the new year and we're able to bring new players into the community we'll happily consider the possibility of opening up more maps.  Also just as a reminder, anyone who has pledged through Patreon you haven't yet been charged any money and the amount you have decided to pledge will come out of your account on Jan 1st.

Many of our members have already gone away for Christmas holidays and more still are due to head out this weekend to spend time with family and friends.  Please be safe and enjoy your time away.  

We'll be waiting for you.