Where the $ Went
As promised, I donated November and December's patron pledges ($970) to organizations I believe in. Two are not charities, but rather political organizations (Everytown for Gun Safety and Flippable), but in this climate, I feel an urgent need to vote with my feet, as they say.

The others were: 

-Planned Parenthood (Especially after my own experience not choosing then choosing motherhood, I believe strongly that everyone should be able to make his/her own choices.)

-Heifer International (They offer people around the globe the capital and/or livestock to make a living.)

-International Refugee Assistance Project (Every time something goes haywire in my new house, I try to remind myself that millions of people don't have the luxury of replacing strike plates in their door jambs.)

-Apopo (They train rats to sniff for land mines, you guys. Land mines and tuberculosis. I'm not kidding. Hero rats.)