Where'd all the stuff go???
Hey everyone!

I want to start off by thanking everyone who joined me on my journey over the summer! Your support means the world to me! <3

You may have noticed I did not post a video for the month of September - for that I sincerely apologize. Between getting sick (I'm okay now though!), picking up two extra teaching jobs, and getting organized for an upcoming show and residency next year, I have had very little time to create content for this page.

I have decided to make October my last month on Patreon. I want to focus on spending more productive time in the studio, which I didn't get very much of in September between jobs, walk in clinics, and grant writing. This means having to put aside projects like Patreon so I can focus 100% on making new work. I will be posting content in October, but will no longer be updating this page after that.

If you would like to continue your patronage feel free - the page will always be here! If not, I will be updating my instagram with more in-the-studio content in the place of my Patreon updates, so you can follow me there!

PS. I've finally got the final image of the painting in progress I posted last month! You can see the masking fluid experiment was a success!!! The trick is to not use any solvent (it will melt the masking fluid) and remove the mask before the paint you have applied over it has dried to avoid peeling. I will for sure be using this method in other work - especially for patterns. ; )

Thank you again for your support! xox